LinkedIn still creates discussion: recruiters love it, some people don’t see the point of using it, but there is always a lot of talk about and on it. However you feel about the site, there is one thing that most people agree on:

by Renee Sylvestre-Williams

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Dear Reader,

I’m sure that all of you have your own favourite magazine and a hardcopy magazine not a digital magazine. Actually, magazine also to be your friend when you all alone and can be the place for you to throw out your bored time. Magazine usually give some motivation and very attractive to read. Some people even consider magazine as their good motivator. It also tell us the latest news just like newspaper and give us some tips about a chosen topics.

2015-06-22 09.00.01

CLEO Magazine from 2006 – 2013 Only

My favourite magazine is CLEO. I start found my favourite magazine when I having a weekend trip with my college friends went to PC Fair at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA), Pulau Pinang. PISA has been renamed as Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre (SPICE) Indoor Stadium. After we done visit and shopping at PC Fair we go to Queensbay Mall, that time I enter a Borders store and I found CLEO and other one is Shout magazine it from United Kingdom. CLEO price at beginning from RM5.00 until they up to RM5.60 every month. I’d never think that the price is expensive or waste money because the magazine is useful to me. As all people do, CLEO always be my good friend every time I’m alone and always give me fun when I read it.

The contents of the magazine always attract me to read more. Plus, CLEO also up-to-date and always tell me the latest story and latest fashion from the whole country. Beside fashion, CLEO also show about book review, new movies at cinema with synopsis, a healthy article and cosmetics product. Lately, they like to give a giveaway or voucher. I already receive a two sample when buy this magazine.

What I love about this magazine is that they don’t only have a picture to show on the cover page, but they always have an article relating to the cover celebrity. It’s always nice to read more about someone whose is presented so nicely on the cover. CLEO not only talk about make up. It also choose an attractive topic to discuss every month. The topics always help people such as help people know their real personalities and about their relationship by answer a few question given. CLEO also tell us what should we do to have a healthy body. Otherwise, CLEO also teaches us how to save money but still can have a good products for our healthy. There are many suggestion given inside the magazine. That is the best things that CLEO can do because CLEO always want the readers look beautiful, younger and up-to-date. Not only that, the best part is I keep one CLEO magazine cover-up with original plastic to avoid perfume sample from lost the scent. Plus, the cover for that magazine is one of my favourite actress.

CLEO also available on your tablet. Anytime and anywhere you can read it. Subscribe and save!. Just US$19.90 for 12 Issues. A single issues is available for US$1.99.

For me, CLEO is the best magazine that I have read ever…

Let’s take a look at a few CLEO Magazine, shall we?

2015-06-22 08.57.39

Emily VanCamp still wrap in plastic!

2015-06-22 09.00.51

Just a few collection that I have it.

JUNE 2015 : Happy Father’s Day

I don’t publish any post yesterday. I was recovery from cough + sore throat, It ‘s make me difficult to writing. Plus, I can not think anything to write and I just take a full rest.

I hope it’s still not too late to write about Father’s Day

After the month of May held a variety of special events to celebrate Mother’s Day. In June was dedicated to honour all fathers around the world. For children who appreciate them, of course sacrifice unsurpassed father or replaced by property poured.

Even so, the Mother’s Day celebration more prominent than Father’s Day. Therefore, to not forget the sacrifice of your father, do not overdo it if you spend a little money and time with your father who had raised you.

To appreciate the love of parents make a surprise by bringing this man of whom enjoy a delicious dinner dish while buying something that his love and will certainly bring families closer together. For info, in Malaysia celebration of Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June each year. For 2015, we celebrate on 21st June.


hari-bapa-2014 ayah

Special Appearance:


Book Review: Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students and “B” Students Work For The Government by Robert Kiyosaki

Why “A” Students Work For “C” Students and “B” Students Work For The Government by Robert T. Kiyosaki (Malay Edition)

When I’m clean-up my younger brother room and I found interesting book on his book shelf. This thick book with nice illustration and shiny glossy cover make me want to know what it written about.

belong to my younger brother

This book belong to my younger brother

 Unfortunately, I’m not in mood to read a whole page. I just skipped the page by page. What I see is like what I learn from my secondary school. It’s combination of three subject or more in school. What I found about the title is really related to our life in Malaysia. Maybe after this, I try to finish this book although this Malay edition is my official language here but sometimes it seem to being scheme for me because I start to write it in English.

pretending read the book

skip the page

But the way, this is print screen from another review from about this book or just visit the on the link here to view another review about this book. Enjoy!


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Review : ClustrMaps

In this post I will doing review about ClustrMaps.

What is ClustrMaps?

ClustrMaps is a popular widget for class and student blogs because it reminds students that they are part of a global audience and demonstrates how connected we all are. Students love seeing the red dots grow as their readers, from around the World, visit their blog.


How do I know about ClustrMaps?

This is belong to blog that I search

This is belong to blog that I search

 It’s start when I searching for an article about experience and I landing on one blog.
After reading that story, I scroll down until I saw some red dot on small mini maps.
I click on that maps and find out this is cool widget.

This widget is simple: it will show where they come from. You can see where other visitors are from by placing little red and yellow dot on a map to represent every hit!

If you ever want to keep up with following the dots , simply click on the maps icon on the widget area. That gonna be links to the ClustrMaps webpage. There is more information about where visitor came from.

clustrMaps me 2

On 17th June 2015 – I have two yellow dots because I’m just starting this blog.

(Hopefully it’s have more dots on it by then through!)

And anyone whose looking to add some spice to their website, I recommend ClustrMaps as a safe widget to add. You require to create your account within the minute and follow the instructions on how to properly add it to your blog site. Please be patient, follow the step.
Thanks for everything!

It’s start with raining day…

A Story About My Trophy

After drafting my post about me page, I decide to write about my trophy. My trophy that belong to me in my family display cabinet. This trophy wasn’t like the Oscar or Grammy award, it just trophy from my school when I being winner in one competition. It’s was like platinum gold layer on plastic PVC made and I want to write about it.

In 2006, I was at secondary school where I am in form 4. At this time, I really like to sing an English song and what most funniest I printing a lyrics and make it as cover on my dictionaries. One day, my English teacher just walking by and see my dictionary cover with lyrics that I printed out and he looking so long at the lyrics. Do you know what lyrics that I printed it. It’s was Kelly Clarkson song lyrics. Furthermore, my excitement for writing increase because that time I start reading novel that belong to my sister. My sister had novel collection of her favourite author.

“English Language Week”. This event was organized by English Language committee school. My English teacher was one of member in this committee. I wondering if you guys want to know what my English teacher look alike?!!. He has good look, tall and slender. His face just look alike vocalist from 311 music band. I like 311 music band and only one song I like. Back to normal, there many competition in this event such as poems recited, singing, debate, choral speaking, essay writing and many more. I decide to join an essay writing competition and as long I remember this is my first time I take part in event alone. Alone no mean only I joining but before this I join a large group for choral speaking. What?! Yes!! Choral speaking is one of my experience. I will post about choral speaking too.


“It’s start with raining day…” but I don’t remember what exactly the verse given. But, I am so sure about raining day. I have to continues the verse and make a story. I got the ideas about the story after reading the novel belong to my sister. So, I sign up for this essay writing competition. I write the story about two page long and ready to submit my essay but I am too shy to submit it alone. I waiting for my friends to finish their essay and submit together.

my trophy...

my trophy…

Why I am doing about this cheap plastic PVC trophy?!!. Do everyone care?! I don’t know but I do because this is my time and memories best ever in my life. Being part of event in school make you popular and of course it for curriculum CGPA result or credit to college someday. Extra credit needed. When I do this essay I don’t think to win but is lying if I did not want to win at the same time. I want to show my technique of writing. I love and like a literature style writing plus and some types of the verse flowery word. I just waiting until the closing ceremony.

The English Language Week closing ceremony held up after a week. After organizer finishing give a speech, the winner for essay writing competition was announced. That times I was so nervous, my heart beat like wanna to leave my body, my hand shaking and my face, I don’t know my face was look like what maybe pale or blue or purple. The winner named is announced and it my names. OMG!!! Yes!!! I win my heart whispering in. I walk to the stage and get the trophy as the winner of essay writing competition on English Language Week event. The most shocking and happiness memories. I never thought I could win because I not very fluent in English writing nor speaking but I learn it. Thank you my old dictionary, you with me since 2004. Could I made story of you next?!!

my first place trophy

my first place trophy

Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART II]

Finally, he voiced and tell me that I was honestly person and say that I really want jobs. So we all ending our interview with thankful. Before that, our session was interrupted by man who wearing glasses that said there were many more candidates for the interview. After that, I get out from room and leave the building. I was the first person in the interview in the group in a van. I decided to wait outside but in the meantime I want to go to the toilet. So, I dare to ask a man who is tall and handsome direction to toilet. He showed me the toilet but our test marker said this toilet for office employee. She showed me the direction to the toilet.

Smartrac kulim

snap picture Smartrac Kulim in van

All women from van already done their interview. I leave the building to post guard. I saw my friends at van that we ride, so I go there and having a chit-chat awhile. Right now I got the story about the driver, his name Safian and we call him “Pian”and what oldies nickname he got. From what I know her sister is younger one year than me at school and I know her sister. But, my friends and I at  the spot have been calling for not to stay there because the weather is hot. At there we stay under the shadows of palm tree but so windy that because I can stay there. I return to post guard and having a gossip about the interview. After that, our group complete ready to leave the factory but we asking the driver  if he can go to another factory near the area. So, we headed to Panasonic to send our resume. Only four people who got out of the van to submit a resume at the Panasonic, sadly woman at the post guard not accepted one girl and I resume because not cover with envelope. I have envelope at home and forgot to insert my resume in envelope.

The driver mention all passenger in vehicle that result in interview will announced or they will call whose success in interview about around 6pm o’clock. So get ready or stand by to the calls. Finally, I arrived at home about 1:15pm with a big story to tell to my parent about the interview. Unfortunately, I fall asleep from tired to waiting the calls.

tired like this (that's not my cat)

tired like this (that’s not my cat)

Did I get this jobs???

Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART I]

My First Interview as Operator

21st March 2014
Today is my first interview for me to get jobs at factory as Operator. The company release a statement for do an open interview for those want working there. I was told by my younger brother about that the jobs a night before the interview day. As they told to stand by at bus stand at 8:45am but the transport so late until 9:15am. At this time I was feeling for give up because I waiting the transport at 8:15am and so frustrating. By wearing my college club t-shirt, black jeans and my snickers. What the funniest outfits for interview. My father took me to the bus stop by motorcycle. After a while my younger brother just return from his workplace at Kulim. My father had to go home and my younger brother accompanied me there. Before the van arrives, my younger brother had return home because fed-up for waiting so long. Actually he just return from his workplace, maybe so tired because he working as security guard and not sleeping in 12 hour.

van1 (2)

the real van and driver

A van stopped in front of a bus stop, the driver asking me if I was one whose want to go interview too and I am asking about the other driver that I know but he say that he will take me there. So, I boarded the van and surprisingly my cousin also in the vehicle. I take the last row in the van to seated and try to befriends with them. In the vehicle, I found that I was recognized the girl beside me and she was younger sister of my friend at school. A long the way to the destination, we stop at Kampung Seberang Jaya, Karangan  for other woman there for going interview. I found that her friends also in this vehicle and she already has job but trying for this interview too. Last stop before the destinations, we entering a terraced housing area at Taman Mutiara at Sungai Kob. And now we ride to destinations plus I am so nervous and excited too.

This is my first time I set my foot in industrial area and it call factory. This factory building was orange and to simple. Smartrac Technology Malaysia is factory name.  Everyone whose to be interviewed has left their id card at post guard and I have to fill my name in the book. The security guard so funny and very nice.

Wow!! this place so nice and I go to the Langkawi Room that what the name in the door. There are crowded in there and I have to take a test first. OMG!.. Math!!.. Mathematics test that what I really doesn’t like. I have to do another second test because the first one is fail. I know how to calculate but sometimes it really make me sick. Our test paper marking by woman with unknown position in company because when I arrived they already full with people in the room. I sit beside test markers. After all the candidates finish test and we have to wait until person who being interviewer us ready. First group is only 5 men that comes to interview. So, I moved to another chair because we formed a group for doing second team to interview.

I am so nervous and of course excited. Person that do interview our group is Chinese man and the only interviewer for today. First we introduces our self and then he do a quick math test again. Actually I have a problem with hearing and I was failed to answer the direct math question and he was flipping my form. After he was done with last our group member, he asking if we have question for him. All silence awhile and I start to asking about chip. I say that I have open a telecommunication sim card and found a small ship on card. So, I ask if the chip that company produce same with the chip that I found on my sim card.

to be continued… [PART II]

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Kina Grannis – Back To Us

“Back To Us”

All the birds are singing in the whisper winds
Everybody’s listening
And the sun is shining like today won’t end
Nothing here is missing

Looking over, looking under, looking through
What we find
Every time
We do what we do
We love
And we cry
And we live our lives
And we love and we love and we love
And it comes back to us

We carve into the tree a history of love
Dreams of ever after
We can sit beneath the boughs and trace the lines
And add another chapter

Looking outside, looking inside, looking away
what we will find
Each and every time we say that we’ll stay
And we love
And we cry
And we live our lives
And we love and we love and we love
And it comes back to us

In the evening when we turn in
Will you look back with me?

And we love
And we cry
And we live our lives
And we love and we love and we love
And we love
And we cry
And we live our lives
And we love and we love and we love
And it comes back to us
Comes back to us

credit: azlyrics