It’s start with raining day…

A Story About My Trophy

After drafting my post about me page, I decide to write about my trophy. My trophy that belong to me in my family display cabinet. This trophy wasn’t like the Oscar or Grammy award, it just trophy from my school when I being winner in one competition. It’s was like platinum gold layer on plasticย PVC made and I want to write about it.

In 2006, I was at secondary school where I am in form 4. At this time, I really like to sing an English song and what most funniest I printing a lyrics and make it as cover on my dictionaries. One day, my English teacher just walking by and see my dictionary cover with lyrics that I printed out and he looking so long at the lyrics. Do you know what lyrics that I printed it. It’s was Kelly Clarkson song lyrics. Furthermore, my excitement for writing increase because that time I start reading novel that belong to my sister. My sister had novel collection of her favourite author.

“English Language Week”. This event was organized by English Language committee school. My English teacher was one of member in this committee. I wondering if you guys want to know what my English teacher look alike?!!. He has good look, tall and slender. His face just look alike vocalist from 311 music band. I like 311 music band and only one song I like. Back to normal, there many competition in this event such as poems recited, singing, debate, choral speaking, essay writing and many more. I decide to join an essay writing competition and as long I remember this is my first time I take part in event alone. Alone no mean only I joining but before this I join a large group for choral speaking. What?! Yes!! Choral speaking is one of my experience. I will post about choral speaking too.


“It’s start with raining day…” but I don’t remember what exactly the verse given. But, I am so sure about raining day. I have to continues the verse and make a story. I got the ideas about the story after reading the novel belong to my sister. So, I sign up for this essay writing competition. I write the story about two page long and ready to submit my essay but I am too shy to submit it alone. I waiting for my friends to finish their essay and submit together.

my trophy...

my trophy…

Why I am doing about this cheap plasticย PVC trophy?!!. Do everyone care?! I don’t know but I do because this is my time and memories best ever in my life. Being part of event in school make you popular and of course it for curriculum CGPA result or credit to college someday. Extra credit needed. When I do this essay I don’t think to win but is lying if I did not want to win at the same time. I want to show my technique of writing. I love and like a literature style writing plus and some types of the verse flowery word. I just waiting until the closing ceremony.

The English Language Week closing ceremony held up after a week. After organizer finishing give a speech, the winner for essay writing competition was announced. That times I was so nervous, my heart beat like wanna to leave my body, my hand shaking and my face, I don’t know my face was look like what maybe pale or blue or purple. The winner named is announced and it my names. OMG!!! Yes!!! I win my heart whispering in. I walk to theย stage and get the trophy as the winner of essay writing competition on English Language Week event. The most shocking and happiness memories. I never thought I could win because I not very fluent in English writing nor speaking but I learn it. Thank you my old dictionary, you with me since 2004. Could I made story of you next?!!

my first place trophy

my first place trophy


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