Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART I]

My First Interview as Operator

21st March 2014
Today is my first interview for me to get jobs at factory as Operator. The company release a statement for do an open interview for those want working there. I was told by my younger brother about that the jobs a night before the interview day. As they told to stand by at bus stand at 8:45am but the transport so late until 9:15am. At this time I was feeling for give up because I waiting the transport at 8:15am and so frustrating. By wearing my college club t-shirt, black jeans and my snickers. What the funniest outfits for interview. My father took me to the bus stop by motorcycle. After a while my younger brother just return from his workplace at Kulim. My father had to go home and my younger brother accompanied me there. Before the van arrives, my younger brother had return home because fed-up for waiting so long. Actually he just return from his workplace, maybe so tired because he working as security guard and not sleeping in 12 hour.

van1 (2)

the real van and driver

A van stopped in front of a bus stop, the driver asking me if I was one whose want to go interview too and I am asking about the other driver that I know but he say that he will take me there. So, I boarded the van and surprisingly my cousin also in the vehicle. I take the last row in the van to seated and try to befriends with them. In the vehicle, I found that I was recognized the girl beside me and she was younger sister of my friend at school. A long the way to the destination, we stop at Kampung Seberang Jaya, Karangan  for other woman there for going interview. I found that her friends also in this vehicle and she already has job but trying for this interview too. Last stop before the destinations, we entering a terraced housing area at Taman Mutiara at Sungai Kob. And now we ride to destinations plus I am so nervous and excited too.

This is my first time I set my foot in industrial area and it call factory. This factory building was orange and to simple. Smartrac Technology Malaysia is factory name.  Everyone whose to be interviewed has left their id card at post guard and I have to fill my name in the book. The security guard so funny and very nice.

Wow!! this place so nice and I go to the Langkawi Room that what the name in the door. There are crowded in there and I have to take a test first. OMG!.. Math!!.. Mathematics test that what I really doesn’t like. I have to do another second test because the first one is fail. I know how to calculate but sometimes it really make me sick. Our test paper marking by woman with unknown position in company because when I arrived they already full with people in the room. I sit beside test markers. After all the candidates finish test and we have to wait until person who being interviewer us ready. First group is only 5 men that comes to interview. So, I moved to another chair because we formed a group for doing second team to interview.

I am so nervous and of course excited. Person that do interview our group is Chinese man and the only interviewer for today. First we introduces our self and then he do a quick math test again. Actually I have a problem with hearing and I was failed to answer the direct math question and he was flipping my form. After he was done with last our group member, he asking if we have question for him. All silence awhile and I start to asking about chip. I say that I have open a telecommunication sim card and found a small ship on card. So, I ask if the chip that company produce same with the chip that I found on my sim card.

to be continued… [PART II]


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