Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART II]

Finally, he voiced and tell me that I was honestly person and say that I really want jobs. So we all ending our interview with thankful. Before that, our session was interrupted by man who wearing glasses that said there were many more candidates for the interview. After that, I get out from room and leave the building. I was the first person in the interview in the group in a van. I decided to wait outside but in the meantime I want to go to the toilet. So, I dare to ask a man who is tall and handsome direction to toilet. He showed me the toilet but our test marker said this toilet for office employee. She showed me the direction to the toilet.

Smartrac kulim

snap picture Smartrac Kulim in van

All women from van already done their interview. I leave the building to post guard. I saw my friends at van that we ride, so I go there and having a chit-chat awhile. Right now I got the story about the driver, his name Safian and we call him “Pian”and what oldies nickname he got. From what I know her sister is younger one year than me at school and I know her sister. But, my friends and I atย  the spot have been calling for not to stay there because the weather is hot. At there we stay under the shadows of palm tree but so windy that because I can stay there. I return to post guard and having a gossip about the interview. After that, our group complete ready to leave the factory but we asking the driverย  if he can go to another factory near the area. So, we headed to Panasonic to send our resume. Only four people who got out of the van to submit a resume at the Panasonic, sadly woman at the post guard not accepted one girl and I resume because not cover with envelope. I have envelope at home and forgot to insert my resume in envelope.

The driver mention all passenger in vehicle that result in interview will announced or they will call whose success in interview about around 6pm o’clock. So get ready or stand by to the calls. Finally, I arrived at home about 1:15pm with a big story to tell to my parent about the interview. Unfortunately, I fall asleep fromย tired to waiting the calls.

tired like this (that's not my cat)

tired like this (that’s not my cat)

Did I get this jobs???


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