Review : ClustrMaps

In this post I will doing review about ClustrMaps.

What is ClustrMaps?

ClustrMaps is a popular widget for class and student blogs because it reminds students that they are part of a global audience and demonstrates how connected we all are. Students love seeing the red dots grow as their readers, from around the World, visit their blog.


How do I know about ClustrMaps?

This is belong to blog that I search

This is belong to blog that I search

ย It’s start when I searching for an article about experience and I landing on one blog.
After reading that story, I scroll down until I saw some red dot on small mini maps.
I click on that maps and find out this is cool widget.

This widget is simple: it will show where they come from. You can see where other visitors are from by placing little red and yellow dot on a map to represent every hit!

If you ever want to keep up with following the dots , simply click on the maps icon on the widget area. That gonna be links to the ClustrMaps webpage. There is more information about where visitor came from.

clustrMaps me 2

On 17th June 2015 – I have two yellow dots because I’m just starting this blog.

(Hopefully it’s have more dots on it by then through!)

And anyone whose looking to add some spice to their website, I recommend ClustrMaps as a safe widget to add. You require to create your account within the minute and follow the instructions on how to properly add it to your blog site. Please be patient, follow the step.
Thanks for everything!


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