About Me

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Time & Memories by Azzara blog’s,
My name is Azzara Zaeynal and I’m 27-year old. I fancies myself as writer, photographer and I like this stats;

“I am not Single. But, my boyfriends he live in Future”

Single is freedoms and writing is my passion. I love to writing and started to create a blog when I entering a college, just making my digital diary. I begin my writing with my diary, I also entering some essay competition in my school. I  was involved in school book team and my first digital writing blog that I created but can’t retrieve it because I forgot the password. But, I really love writing and sketching. I also like to painting, my childhood achiever is being winner in drawing competition when I am 8 or 9 years old. I also active in co-curriculum as scout. When you being scout, you will be scout forever.

“Be Prepared” is our scout motto.

In this version, I trying to making a professional blog. Unfortunately, I can not think the story. After that, I decide to making just personal blog. Easy to write and to tell the world what is my story, my experience, my book review, my opinions and my favorite song-lyrics.

I hope reader can understand and enjoy my story.


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