the Blue

5 days ago…
I was in blue
I was in blue
What is that?
Where I supposedly wearing an orange
And the vehicle is blue
But my heart is for you…

I was in blue
He looking so neatly
Should I ask why?
According to me youโ€™re so nice
Did I fell in love with youโ€ฆ?

I was in blue
Yes, I am.

I was in blue
But the vehicle that we ride is tell me why
Where the feeling is starting.
From there until now.

I was in blue
This is the broken vehicles.
And itโ€™s you.



These Men [Person 3]

they say you were brokenhearted man
never talking with women ever after that
the first time i saw you at that night
i think you were men that i already be friends
it turns out you are different person
because your face it look alike like him
i counting that twice we already collided silently without smiling each other
thank you for collect the pair of skinsense
last night is our first time connection through Mark Zuckerberg
i hit your blue F account
hoping it will breaking the silence inside of you

These MEN [Person I]

These MEN..
the first time i meets you
in the very hot place
the funny is we all sweating
i feel like something
hidden in
between us
the way you look at me
its like so different
you always try to look at me
that i really notice
same with me
like i want to look at you
all the time
seeing anything else
only us
i really want to knows
you better

to be continued…