hidden and sorrow

3 minute and so on

I am waiting

for something

20 minute and so on

I am sending in

hope for replying

green dots


please I am bagging you

I am not pushing you

I am nothing to you

my head spinning

my world not moving

5 minute and so on

no typing no messaging

no ding ding

no ringing

1 hour and so on

I don’t know…

I’m kind of losing how

The face looks in my minds

The expressions of faces and smile.

Like already fade away

The deep in my heart still have for

Cannot be reached, cannot touched.

Deepest inside


RIP Friendships


The time pass so fast.

It started when I got your numbers

I’m happy having foreign friends.

Even we talk like chicken and duck.


I take next level to learn something.

Something not strange to me but I’m not really practising it.

Co-worker tag us as a sweet couple but the reality is

We just a friend but we so friendly and close.



You have make a decision.

I admit it, it’s so hurts.

It’s was hurts than FC Bayern Munich lose on goals away.

The first I got notice when you unfriend from micro-channel with me.


Then you delete contact on Weixin.

The decision had been made.

I am facing this situation with the open heart.

And hope there is light to lighten our friendship.

My way to accept you again as a friends.

Because you just ignoring when you beside me.

I know you were so nice and very generous.

You treat me with you allowance.

But you refuse when I want to treat you back.


Sometimes In Water

I see from a distance
parallel line up the white glow
a matter of time covered
the colour of cream, blue and green
The long march parade
sometimes in the water
even ready to climb
up to the temperature of the sun
give strength to strength

Parade with various sizes
ready to fight
down style arches with a snappy dresser
dressed in a cream-colored
diving in the temperature of boiling water
arising in style
leading to the finish


If, I let her..

I should let her using that washroom
Making her screaming after that
Giving her lesson for what she did to us
Us is including me
I care for each other


But, I did something opposite
I tell her about the problem
She never thanks me for that
Even, she make me for help her again
I help you then you burden me again and again


We are human and again saying “a Human”
Not a robot and not a something using batteries
Our energy has limit and our sense has boundaries
God will give mankind a lesson if it was making difficult for everyone
Then, she also felt the pain of what we feels.



there is huge area and noisy
in the some place it so high to look up
light bulb doesn’t enough for lighting the space
walking towards hiding the feels
always alright always can

rushing over the dark wooden door
the meeting is over
white teeth give a smile
other still running away
the ego still won’t leave
find the brighten place
drinking water
relieve the pain

clock is ticking
walking to the bay that always raining
sometimes can smell the fume of poisonous
place to feels happy and pains
the bay that cannot to whispering
character doesn’t change

bomb is waiting time to explode
heart and mind is fighting
mouth have been sealed to speak
the ego feels grow like mountain
raining and noisy is increase

time up..
the bay silence only hand is working
having pray and pray
heart shout to mouth for speak
ego feel very surprised and seized up
the mind is dead and silence
mouth speak loudly reveals the power to fighting ego
ego is dead