What If

She says that security guard at her new workplace asking her phone number.

She mention in her WhatsApp message that security guard was tall, dark and young.

Then, she say to me in message that she will give my phone number to him.

OMG!!! What the hell is going on..?!

The security guard want her phone number not mine.

She says; “Why not try larhh.. be friend with him”.


I was feeling angry and my body feeling hot when reading her message.

I told her what if I give her phone number to the people or person that she doesn’t know and ever meet.

She tell me that she not will give my phone number to him.

Hope she tell the truth.



PROBLEM : 2 Options on Responses

Dear WHOIS read,

Reading a great article on stylish writing is one of best feeling.
Good poetry make me jealous with their poetry writing style.
Poem have rhythms. Rhythms and songย cannot be separated.

Good writing giving me inspiration to writing.
If I writing what feeling from my heart it give me more peaceful feeling.
Also, all the great WP writer, they very great in writing.


1. I LIKE their post I means it. Doesn’t just on click their LIKE.
Great article and good storytelling. New word to learn.

2. COMMENT. In my mind’s, there is a word to writing.
But, when I typing there is something missing. Then, just BACKSPACE.

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